family is the begining of a new adventure

Capturing your stories and memories that will last a life time

Parenthood. That magical journey of little toes, precious giggles, rainy days inside, learning and growing. Everything just goes so quickly, one day they're swaddled in their blankeys and the next they're off on their own journey. It is such a huge passion of mine to capture their first moments and every little and big milestone in between. Family photoshoots should be an adventure, tickle attacks, follow the leader, snuggles for all, and all the snack breaks in between!

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Oregon & Beyond

From this beautiful state of Oregon and so many wonders beyond. Family sessions on a mountain surrounded by wildflowers, eloping somewhere magical, or just a session to document your getaway, I will be along with you capturing your memories wherever they take you. Lets make your vision come to life!

"Life isn't a matter of milestones but moments"

Rose Kennedy

Your big day

You're planning your big day! The big day, and wether it be filled with all your family and friends or just you and your soon to be forever, you have a vision that you to make it yours! Let me be your right hand gal here, lets plan your big day and make it everything you ever invisioned.. I promise I will be shedding tears of joy behind my camera for you both!

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Behind the lense

Hi! Im Toya

Im a mama of two, married to my high school sweetheart and get through my days on caffine and a new adventure! Im a work-aholic by nature and love an adventure always! Dont ever ask me mountains or ocean becuase I will never be able to choose just one!

My passion for photography began as a young girl, looking through photo albums and watching my grandpas face light up at the memories a simple photo captured.

EVERY individual and story deserves to be captured! LGBTQ+ and body positive!